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Real People with Real Results

Moovmynt is a consulting firm. We provide services in marketing, business, and data growth.

We at Moovmynt are driven to help others succeed through our expertise in marketing, data growth, and consulting. With numerous years of combined experience in all three fields, we can offer you the insight that will help elevate your company for future growth.

Our Team

Sunny - CEO & President

Sunny is an entrepreneur who has built his fair share of successful companies. Sunny's passion for helping others led him to found Moovmynt, a company that aims to democratize ownership of assets and give people the opportunity to become wealthy. Sunny's goal is to help as many people achieve their dreams and goals as he did when starting this journey many years ago.

Arina - CFO

Arina has a background in Accounting and has worked with banks, credit unions, financial services and start-ups. Arina is a firm believer that business can be done for the benefit of all stakeholders while maintaining a triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. Arina has been part of a start-up that raised $425 million in new capital within the first four years of business. She believes data is very important to business growth.

Indy - COO

Indy is an intellectual millennial who builds applications, processes and modules for accounting and data. He has a strong understanding of crypto, blockchain and the NFT market. He believes that smart contracts are set to change how business is done, with legal tenders and processes being one area that this new technology will revolutionize. He also believes that crypto mining will help businesses generate more revenue.

Sunil - CTO

Sunil has a background in technology and has worked for a world-known company like KPMG, helping with their securities. He has also helped to code and troubleshoot websites. He applies it to today as an entrepreneur and business consultant with his vast knowledge of technology. He believes in utilizing better hardware and more efficient software to make the most of every second. He believes that blockchain is the future!